Coinpayu Review (2022)  – How to Earn Free Binance Coin?

CoinPayU is a platform that allows many of us to earn small amounts of crypto for free, mainly in the form of Bitcoin (BTC), you can also get free Binance Coin. Although, they have recently incorporated ways to claim and withdraw other altcoins (short term for “alternative coins” other than Bitcoin) directly to your wallet. Withdrawal minimums are achievable in this platform, and should take you one to four weeks to reach the minimum threshold to withdraw your earnings depending on the coin you want.

Pros and Cons of Coinpayu


  • Offers a simple way to earn rewards
  • Has decent number of offerwalls available


  • Low rewards
  • Limited payment options offered

How Can I Earn Binance Coin at Coinpayu?

  • Follow their Twitter Account

Following their twitter account to get access to free codes which you can redeem for free Satoshi when they post them (usually every other week), these codes will allow you to earn either 50 or 500 Satoshi once you claim it. Keep in mind that these codes can only be redeemed once and are limited to a fixed number of users, so be on the lookout and try to redeem the code ASAP or you might miss out. 

  • Surf Ads

You click on an ad, wait a few seconds and then you get paid for it. After a few ads you have to solve a captcha to prove that you are not a robot, but it’s easy to solve. The payment is really great and the absolute best thing is that the ads doesn’t need to stay in focus. That means, you can easily do other stuff while earning Bitcoin at Coinpayu. You can do it while playing a game, surfing the internet or watching a series, it’s easy to do besides other stuff. There are a lot of ads to watch, while writing this, 36 ads were available and you get between 15 and 5 Satoshi for one ad.

  • Windows Ads

You also have to click on them, but you have to keep the tab in focus. That makes it tedious, but if you have a second monitor, you can use a nice little trick. You keep the tab in one monitor and do stuff on the other one. You only have to hover your mouse over the tab with the ad. Like that, you can read or watch something while waiting. That works pretty well and makes the Windows Ads way less tedious. You also have to solve a Captcha after every few ads. Despite that Windows Ads are more work then the Surf Ads, they don’t pay better. There are also less Windows Ads available, but to get the maximum out of Coinpayu, you should do them too. They are still worth it, despite their flaws.

  • Video Ads

Like the name implies, you have to watch Videos and then you get paid. The payment is still good, but it’s way less than the other 2 types of ads offer. Sadly, the trick with the second monitor doesn’t work here, but we still recommend to watch them, because the payment is still good.

  • Complete Offers or Surveys

If you have a lot of free time, you might want to give it a shot. These offers usually require you to download and try an app or game on your phone or computer, reaching a certain level on a specific game or filling out surveys. In my own experience surveys are usually a little lengthy therefore I do not fill them out.

  • Faucets

This is the easiest way to earn crypto. If you are new to crypto like I was a few months ago, you might be wondering what a faucet is. Well, a crypto faucet is simply a “dripping faucet” that earns you small amounts of free crypto every fixed number of minutes. With the newest update from CoinPayU, you can now claim 3 different coins at once every 60 minutes from a list of 9 different cryptocurrencies as you will see in the screenshot below. To claim from the faucets, all you have to do is solve an easy captcha and in exchange you get a small amount of crypto each time. This is, personally, an update I really like. Once you have enough crypto to withdraw, you may exchange it to Bitcoin or withdraw it in the form of that specific altcoin directly to your wallet address.

Binance Coin Faucet

Can You Use Coinpayu on Mobile?

Coinpayu doesn’t have a mobile app you can download but the site is mobile-friendly. So, you can still work on the site pretty conveniently on a mobile device. All you have to do is open a web browser and log in to the site.

You actually have to do this if you want to maximize your earnings on the site. As mentioned earlier, there are opportunities that will ask you to install mobile apps. You can only do this if you access the offer from a mobile device.

So, you could say that it is a necessity to work on the site from your mobile device from time to time. And fortunately, Coinpayu makes it relatively easy for you, which is a good thing.

How to Withdraw from Coinpayu?

You can cashout with a cryptocurrency of your choice, Coinpayu offers Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. You can also withdraw directly to your wallet or to Faucetpay, whatever you prefer. The minimum amount to withdraw is 10000 for Satoshis, but it changes depending on the cryptocurrency you want. You don’t have to pay a fee when you withdraw, that’s great, because most PTC sites take a hefty fee for withdrawing money. By the way, if you want to withdraw, you first have to fill in your wallet adress, you can do this in your profile. After writing your wallet adress, click on Next. You then get an e-mail with a code you have to insert. Only if you do this, you can fill in your wallet, it’s for safety reasons. Like that, nobody can change your wallet adress without access to your mail account.

Who Can Join CoinPay?

Coinpayu is available worldwide. You can participate where you live. But before you sign up, make sure you have a plan with one of the best solutions they offer.

To become a member, simply fill out the registration form. Coinpay will send you an email with a verification code. Just enter your password in the appropriate field and you are done.

Then you can go to the site and make money. However, I recommend adjusting the payment method immediately after the first order, so that no adjustments are made, except for the interest.


A Coinpayu PTC site is a site that offers many benefits, but there are lists that will inform you.

So, conclude this review with a summary of the pros and cons, giving you a better idea of ​​what the site has to offer, and you can decide if it’s right for you.

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