How to Earn Free Binance (BNB)

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign up on iCoinPay to get Your iCoinPay User-ID

Step 3: Registering for the iCoinPay wallet account.

Step 4: After registration, iCoinPay Wallet will send an authentication email to you. Login to the mailbox for authentication. If you can’t find it, check it out in the spam box of the mailbox, and click “resend the authentication email” if you haven’t yet.

Step 5: Go back to and enter iCoinPay wallet User ID in the “Overview” Page. Your iCoinPay User ID can be found on the “Overview” Page.

Step 6: Go to the Claim BNB page, and enter your ICoinPay User ID, Click Claim and pass the robot captcha, you can get BNB every 10 mins.

Step 7: Check your BNB on iCoinPay. Sign in iCoinpay, you can check your total amount of BNB from on the Overview page. Check your BNB balance, you can withdraw the BNB to your iCoinPay account if it reaches the minimum withdrawal. Click the “Withdraw to iCoinPay Wallet” Button and pass the robot captcha, your BNB are successfully withdrawn to your iCoinPay wallet.