BitPaye Reviews – BitPaye Is Real Or Fake? – Scam Or Not?

Bitpaye is a PTC reward website. Its members can earn bitcoin when browsing websites with advertisements, watching advertisements and completing and offering discounts. BitPaye is also an advertising website. Advertisers can advertise their advertisements in front of many BitPaye viewers and users. BitPaye members can get more BTCs by recommending the website to their friends or relatives. Depending on the number of members, they can get a 10% to 20% commission. Their members have three levels: the first level is the standard level, the second level is the junior partner, and the highest level is the senior partner, which can give you a lot of rewards and commissions. When they invite advertisers to use the website to advertise their products, services or websites, they can also get more income from a 10% to 20% commission. It’s easy to join this website. It’s just like other faucet websites.

About BitPaye

BitPaye is an excellent advertising platform and it also provides Free Crypto Faucet, PTC Wall, and Short Link. BitPaye provides users with THREE different membership plans to upgrade their membership.
You can directly advertise your website/affiliate links for a cheap price and can be either Surf, Window, or Video Ad types on BitPaye.


You can finish every PTC Task once a day and you just need to watch advertisements to earn free Bitcoin rewards.

  1. Surf Ads
    Surf Ads shows the timer in the Tab and you don’t need to stay on the page to complete the view and receive your satoshi, but there is a captcha to complete after the timer expires.
  2. Windows Ads
    Windows Ads require that you solve a captcha first, stay on the advertisement until the timer runs out, and you are then credited the reward amount.
  3. Video Ads
    You can now earn Bitcoin by Watching the Videos posted by Advertisers in the Video Ads section! There are not many Videos now and we should give it some time until they acquire enough Advertisers but it’s an amazingly promising feature!

Short Link

You can open every short link to finish the task once a day and you just need to watch advertisements to earn free Bitcoin rewards.

Offer Wall (New Update)

At present, BitPaye has connected 5 kinds of Offer Wall platforms. And we can get different satoshis rewards by finishing different kinds of tasks.


There are 10 kinds of faucets for you and you can click claim every 30 minutes.


BitPaye has high-quality traffic where you can advertise your product with a high conversion rate. With more than 50,000 unique active users per day, BitPaye can bring a good amount of users and revenue for your product!

You can recommend the BitPaye advertisement by your affiliate link. You earn up to 20% of your advertisement sales.

  • High-Quality Traffic
  • Affordable Price
  • Geographic Targeting

You can choose your advertisement displaying to any specific countries

  • Easy Management

Just provide your website URL, description. You can start a campaign in a few minutes. Detailed traffic reports will be provided for tracking.

Affiliate Program

If you sign up successfully, you can get your own referral link, and you can get FREE cryptos with your friends together by sharing your referral link. You earn 10-20% affiliate commission from your invited users when they complete tasks and earn. The more active are the members, the more referral commissions you receive!

Upgrade Membership

There is a Point Program on BitPaye and every user can get points by finishing the above tasks. And we should pay more attention that the BitPaye platform will measure user activity and evaluate user membership level. In other words, if you don’t take part in BitPaye regularly, your points may be deducted! Now let’s see the more detailed information about the earnings!

How To Get More Points?

Invite 1 active user to get 1 point
Active User Definition: The user logs in at least once within 7 days after registration.

Points Arrival Time: 7 days after User Registration

Users complete PTC, Shotlink, OfferWall tasks to earn free BTC, and earn 1 point for every 1,000 satoshis earned.

Points Deduction Rules

If a user does not log in for 7 consecutive days, 1 point will be deducted, and the minimum point is 0.

When To Get Points?

After you invite active users to register for seven days or earn every 1,000 satoshis, you can get corresponding points.

Why Are My Points Deducted?

If a user does not log in for 7 consecutive days, 1 point will be deducted, and the minimum point is 0.

How Many Points Do I Need to Level Up My BitPaye Account?

  • Junior Partner: Users own <100 BitPaye Points
  • Medium Partner: Users own 100 – 1000 BitPaye Points
  • Senior Partner: Users own > 1000 BitPaye Points

Deposit & Withdraw

Check BitPaye website’s official guide.
How To Deposit on BitPaye

When Do I Get Paid?

BitPaye only allows the members to withdraw the earnings as cryptocurrency to FaucetPay or CoinLean, and you need to get Your iCoinPay Address or FaucetPay User ID first, and you can get the payment immediately.

What is the Minimum for Withdrawal and Fees?

The BitPaye Withdrawal Fees to FaucetPay or iCoinPay is 0. There are no minimum withdrawal requirements on BitPaye and the mini Swap and mini Withdraw are as follows:

  • BTC
    Min Swap: 0.000001
    Min Withdraw: 0.000001
  • ETH
    Min Swap: 0.000001
    Min Withdraw: 0.000001
  • LTC
    Min Swap: 0.00002
    Min Withdraw: 0.00002
  • DOGE
    Min Swap: 0.01
    Min Withdraw: 0.01
  • TPX
    Min Swap: 0.01
    Min Withdraw: 0.001
  • XRP
    Min Swap: 0.001
    Min Withdraw: 0.001
  • XLM
    Min Swap: 0.001
    Min Withdraw: 0.00001
  • BCH
    Min Swap: 0.00001
    Min Withdraw: 0.00001
  • DASH
    Min Swap: 0.00002
    Min Withdraw: 0.00002
  • BNB
    Min Swap: 0.00001
    Min Withdraw: 0.00001

How to Withdraw BitPaye Balance to iCoinPay

  1. Sign Up for an iCoinPay Wallet
  2. Copy iCoinPay User-ID
  3. Save your iCoinPay User-ID on BitPaye
  4. Choose a Currency on BitPaye to Withdraw to iCoinPay

How to Withdraw BitPaye Balance to FaucetPay

  1. Sign Up a FaucetPay Wallet
  2. Choose a cryptocurrency to copy the deposit address
  3. Save the FaucetPay Deposit Address on BitPaye
  4. Choose a Currency on BitPaye to Withdraw to FaucetPay

BitPaye is a crypto earning and advertising platform where members can earn multiple free crypto currencies by completing various tasks including faucet, PTC, shortlinks, etc. or where advertisers can gain cheap exposure to crypto users. You can withdraw your earnings to FaucetPay or iCoinPay once you reach the minimum requirements on BitPaye. Before withdrawal, you need to bind the wallet first, enter the iCoinPay User-ID and save or enter the FaucetPay BTC wallet address and save. There is no withdrawal fee. After bind your wallet firstly, you need to wait 24 hours to withdraw.

On BitPaye, you can find two sets of balance system.
The main balance on the Dashboard includes your BTC earnings from PTC, shortlinks, offerwalls and referral commission and the BTC amount you transfer from your faucet earnings.
On Faucet page, the balance of each coin is only your faucet earning. You can choose to withdraw your faucet earnings directly or choose to swap these earnings to BTC Faucet Balance and transfer the balance to the main balance and withdraw.

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